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Real Italian Pizza in Budapest

Italian, quality ingredients, extremely light, crispy dough and continuous innovations. This is Pizza Me. Should you be a meat lover or vegan, should you prefer gourmet or traditional flavours, classic or whole grain dough, here you will find what you are looking for. Even in the middle of the night.

Pizzáink allergén tájékoztató táblázatához kattints ide.

About Us

Our first store was established in 2013. Since then Pizza Me is an integral part of Budapest life, we are present in the busiest neighbourhoods of this vibrant city. In our shops, you can choose Your favorite pizza , no matter if you want to eat just a few slices or a whole pizza. Our pizza is baked on the spot, guaranteeing the best quality, that is, the Pizza Me experience.

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There is no good pizza without a good team. Is quality important to you? Would you feel like being part of a fun and cheerful team? Write us to hr@pizzame.hu

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